2019 Hot Selling Auto Roll Sheet Metal Decoiler Straightener Feeders, Manual Sheet Metal Decoiler

Automobile Roll Sheet Metal Decoiler Straightener Feeders, Guide Sheet Metallic Decoiler

The sensible application of the 3-in-one feeder shows that the AC servo system can meet up with the requirements of fast reaction speed, high pace precision and strong robustness of the control method. The real application situation control precision is up to ±0.1mm and the cumulative error can be avoided. The manage system can be utilized to the production of higher-precision start off-tooth series chilly-formed steel goods, especially items related to the shelf column, which is the cold-bending forming of the on the internet pre-punching of the chilly-shaped metal vertical and the aspect with high precision needs for the gap situation on-line.

Tremendous thick plate 3-in-one particular servo feeder gain:
1. A few-in-one particular feeding equipment integrates feeding, rectification and material racking into a single automatic feeding unit, large technology, large precision and high effectiveness. It can be said to be the vertex performance of the correcting feeder in the peripheral gear series of punching machine.

Its perform It has numerous rewards, will save room, is durable, and has straightforward operation. It is specially powerful for unique functions, further-wide, thick resources, and so forth. It is regarded as to be the automatic feeding unit in the sector.

2. The roller leveling machine and the feeder are put on the exact same device, which can reduce the error of feeding and leveling to large precision, and it is convenient and does not consider up area when installing.

3. optional computerized oil force growth method to enhance work efficienc.


Product MAC2-400 MAC2-500 MAC2-600 MAC2-800
Inventory Width(mm) 50-400 fifty-500 fifty-600 50-800
Stock Thickness(mm) .three~3.two .3-three.2 .three-three.two -3.two
Max.Coil Excess weight(kg) 3000 3000 3000 5000 5000 7000
Max.Coil O.D.(mm) 1200 1200 1200  
Coil I.D.(mm) 8 8 508 508
Feed Length(mm) ~five hundred* ~five hundred* ~five hundred* ~five hundred*
Max. Line Pace(m/min) sixteen-24 16-24 16-24 16-24
Operate Roll Variety(pieces) upper six
reduced five
upper six
lower 5
upper six
decrease five
higher 6
decrease five
Feed Roll Quantity(established) one 1 1 1
Major Motor(kw) AC2.9 AC2.9 AC4.4 AC4.four
Mandrel Expansion hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Reel Motor(kw) 1.5 one.5 one.five two.2 two.two three.seven
Power(V) three Phase 220V/380V/50HZ
Functioning Air(Mpa) .forty nine .49 .forty nine .four

Straigtening overall performance:

tock Thicknees (mm) Stock Width (mm)
.three 400 500 600 800
1.6 470 470
1.eight four hundred four hundred
2. 360 360
2.3 three hundred three hundred 300 three hundred
2.5 230 230 230 230
2.8 a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty 150 150
3.2 one hundred ten a hundred and ten 110 one hundred ten

COMPANY  Details:

RUIHUI launched in 2000, the technologies of automation periphery is from Japan and Germany, and making use of substantial requirements of principle in the parts variety, for assembly process and spare components, adhere to the requirements in accordance with the authentic design regular, and into each and every manufacturing method.

Now, RUIHUI has 280 employees and yearly output benefit can be 30 millions USD. In 20 several years RUIHUI has accrued encounter and excellent style capability below Japanese engineers advice. RUIHUI grew to become highly liable and robust in executive and properly-known car elements producer. All of these allowed RUIHUI reach the best notch in  industry.

2019 Hot Selling Auto Roll Sheet Metal Decoiler Straightener Feeders, Manual Sheet Metal Decoiler