China Suppliers Cosmetic Cream Toothpaste Soft Laminate Plastic Small Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

China Suppliers Cosmetic Product Toothpaste Gentle Laminate CZPT Tiny Automated Tube Filling Sealing Device

Computerized Tube Filling & Sealing Machine is suited for all types of laminated tube and plastic tube filling sealing reducing and day printing, extensively used in every day chemical products, medical items, chemical substances, foodstuff, cosmetics, toothpaste industries.
It can fill cream/paste/viscosity merchandise into soft tubes, and instantly finish the sealing slicing and date printing functions. The machine generally has totally enclosed sort safeguard go over, it is the ideal filling sealing equipment for plastic and laminated tube, especially for medical and these kinds of as specific business.

Product China Suppliers Beauty Product Toothpaste Soft Laminate CZPT Small Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Equipment
Design HTGF-80
Voltage AC380/220V
Strain .6Mpa
Electricity 2KW
Efficiency thirty-80pcs/min
Filling Precision ±1%
Hopper Potential 50L
Filling Quantity 5-25ml, 15-150ml, thirty-200ml (adjustable)
Tube Diameter 10 to 50mm
Tube Length 210mm
Size 1500*1100*1900mm
Weight About 850KG

Q: We are stressing about the higher viscosity of the filling paste which trigger very poor fluidity.
A: We are heated stirring, which can improve the fluxility of the paste, easy to fill.

Q: The span of filling is massive.
A: If the span of filling is large, you can alter the mold.

Q: What is the folding approach of aluminum tube?
A: There are 4 folding methods for your selection: CZPT Folding, Triple Folding, Four Folding, Five Folding.

Q: Can the machine fill different filling volume from two ml to 250 ml?
A: Indeed, you just need to have to modify the filling pump.

Q: The circulation of our solution is not really excellent, can you do it?
A: Of course. We can custom a double heated hopper for you.

Q: If the product is not liquid, can the machine be stuffed?
A: Sure, we can personalize the double-layer heating hopper.

Q: How to thoroughly clean the device?
A: The hopper and filling head can be disassembled for straightforward cleaning.

Q: Is it attainable to do it on a machine with diverse tubes?
A: The duration of the tube can be altered. If the diameter is diverse, you need to replace a established of molds.

Q: Can the equipment be pumped with nitrogen and vacuum?
A: Nitrogen, vacuum unit can be additional. Nitrogen unit is extra prior to filling, vacuum unit is included following filling.

Q: Is the device sealing by ultrasonic or heated?
A: Heat sealing. If it is an aluminum tube, it is a folded sealing.

Q: Do we require a water cooler device?
A: Inner heating ought to be equipped with water coolers, you can buy by oneself, or making use of circulating drinking water.

Q: If we not incorporate a h2o cooler unit, does it have a excellent effect?
A: The impact is definitely not as great as incorporate a drinking water cooler device.

Q: How many sets of filling sealing heads does the equipment have?
A: The equipment will come with 1 set of mould.

China Suppliers Cosmetic Cream Toothpaste Soft Laminate Plastic Small Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Machine