Please note:
Always wear eye protection.
When fitting the mandrel in the collet, leave 15mm of mandrel from the collet to the mounted bit for ultimate performance.
Flexible shafts replace rigid shafts, eliminating alignment problems and efficiency losses. They also allow greater freedom of design and are lighter in weight than universal joints, gears, pulleys or chain drives with lower unit installation costs.

Abrasive attachments can be used with this Adaptable Drive Shaft (usually do not exceed Ø100mm for manipulated usage)
Wheels: Brass, Bristle, Bufflex, Cotton, De-oxidization, Sensed, Satin Fibril, Steel, Wool
Mops: Cotton End, Loose Fold, Dolly, Stitched
If you find the Flexible Travel Shaft too large for some applications look at rotary drills for finer work.

Using a flexible drive permits you to consider your saw to the most inaccessible places just some of the accessories can be used underneath. Polishing, grinding, drilling, texturing, smoothing, reducing are simply a few of the many tasks the Faithful Flexible Drive Shaft can be used for.

A keyless chuck makes changing bits easy and the plastic hand grip provides a firm hold producing the shaft easy to guide when in use.

With this flexible drive shafts, the torque is transmitted nearly exclusively via vulcanized cord inlays due to the tension-force-principle. The patented Tenpu fiber technology ensures excessive power density, elasticity and great damping behavior. Load peaks and vibrations as a result have a smaller amount of an effect on the aggregates in the powertrain, which rewards their service life.
The Faithful Flexible Drive Shaft will fit straight into the chuck of any cordless or electric power drill. The reinforced ends and anti-kink patterns prevent use and helps provide a long working life.