We are main provider of gears and equipment rack. We are making gear and gear rack for industry utilization.

If you need heat-treatment on teeth of gear or equipment rack, please inform us when you make enquiry.

Our galvanized equipment rack can be used on auto-door and it is the most competitive in world market. Nylon material equipment rack also available.

Our industrial gear rack is exported in big quantity to Europe and America and so forth. Our quality is reliable and service is on time. We can supply standard equipment rack as well as the gear rack as per your drawing or sample.

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Our steel gear rack, cnc gear racks, spur equipment racks, stainless steel gear rack, special equipment rack, aluminum equipment rack, round gear rack, gear and rack, gear rack M4 equipment rack, gears rack M1, racks and pinion steering equipment are exported in big volume to European countries, America, Australia, Brasil, Southern Africa, Russia etc. There is standard equipment rack available and also special gear rack according to your drawing or samples. Standards or special gear rack produced by CNC machine
Gear racks are utilized to convert rotating motion into linear movement. A equipment rack has straight the teeth cut into one surface of a gear rack for Construction machinery square or round section of rod and operates with a pinion, which is a small cylindrical equipment meshing with the apparatus rack. Generally, gear rack and pinion are collectively known as “rack and pinion”. There are various ways to use gears. For example, as demonstrated in the picture, a equipment is used with the apparatus rack to rotate a parallel shaft.

To provide many variants of rack and pinion, KHK has many types of gear racks in stock. If the application requires a long length requiring multiple equipment racks in series, we have racks with the tooth forms correctly configured at the ends. They are described as “gear racks with machined ends”. When a gear rack is produced, the tooth cutting process and the heat treatment process could cause it to try & go out of true. We are able to control this with particular presses & remedial processes.