Hot Foil Staming and Creasing Machine

Name: Computerized Foil Stamping and Die-chopping Device
Model: HT1050T

Max. Sheet feeding dimensions (mm) 1050*750
Min. Sheet feeding measurement(mm) 400*350
Max.die cutting size(mm) 1040*740
Max foil stamping dimension(mm) 1571*710
Thickness of materials(mm) .one-one.five for cardboard
 ≤4 for corrugated paper
≤ 1.5 for PVC
Max. Pressure(KN) 3000
Max. Velocity for die-chopping(S/H) 7000
Max. Pace for foil stamping(S/H) 6500
Die-cutting Accuracy(mm) ±0.09
Foil stamping precision(mm) ±0.1
Gripper variety(mm) 7~fourteen
Number of axis for feeding foil three longitudinal + two horizontal
Heating zone sixteen
temperatureºC fifty~199
Max feeding pile height(mm) 1480
Max supply pile height(mm) 1180
Dimensions (mm) 5870*4545*2230
Excess weight (T) seventeen

CZPT Configuration and Purpose
1. Super weighty paper feeding mechanism

l Louver feeding mechanism, Max Speed 10000s/h
l Independent preloading device, preserve doing work pile freely when stacking on preload pallet
l Adjustable aspect blowers
l Electromechanical CZPT-sheet Inspection System
l PLC and digital Coder Handle Total Equipment Timing
l Side lay and front lay detect paper position
l Program Control Air Pump CZPTt, Ensuring Every Paper Reaches Entrance Lays Exactly,
l When CZPTt The Device At Any Time, Lowering Make-all set Time Significantly.
l CZPT-sheet Malfunction Take Spot, Time-delay Stop to guarantee Getting paper out of the Machine from the Conveying Device
l All Aspect Xihu (West Lake) Dis.s and Entrance Xihu (West Lake) Dis.s Equipped with Detection Sensors
l Main and Vice feeding pallets Change instantly, Realizing non-stop feeding
l Strong electricity sucking feeder, 4 decide suckers and four feed suckers, suckers angle can be modified according to the curve of paper
2. Foil Stamping and Die-reducing Unit

l Strong electricity market personal computer controls 9 servo motors working for foil stamping and die-chopping
l Mitsubishi PLC and higher functionality CZPT inverter ensure adjusting main motor speed smoothly
l 2 Honeycomb panels, 1 for utilizing the other a single is back up
l Machine base, wall plates, prime and bottom tables are made of QT60 resin-bonded
sand technological nodular graphite iron casting.
l Photoelectric sensor check frame place, pneumatic lock mechanism
l CZPT torque limiter, shield device when overloaded
l Super-tough anode alumina alloy gripper bars and precise positioning structures
l CZPT substantial energy double-pitch gripper bar chain
l CZPT Substantial-energy nylon chain guider
l Adjustable frame
3. Shipping and delivery Unit
l Automatic vice delivery mechanism realize auto change among principal and vice shipping and delivery pallets
l Auto trimmer, hair bush stress adjustable
l Involution photoelectric sensor to avoid shipping pallet from going as well higher and paper rolling up
four. Electronic method

Air conditioners hold the CZPTal control center operating in consistent temperature
All servo motors are import from Mitsubishi
High performance market pc guarantees the digital method and mechanical technique working effortlessly and successfully
five. CE authorized by United Kingdom

Hot Foil Staming and Creasing Machine