Three Phase Motor Slip Ring Motors IP44 or IP54

The YR3 collection (IP54) slip ring motor is a shut-wound rotor 3-stage asynchronous motor, which is a new generation of layout. Its power rating and mounting dimensions are in accordance with IEC global specifications.
The YR3 series winding slip ring motor base is a warmth dissipation rib composition. The motor fan is assembled on the shaft extension conclude. The collector ring cover and the brush holder are directly related to the rear end cover of the motor, which increases the dependability of the motor and lowers the assembly trouble. The collector ring go over is equipped with a freely openable observation window doorway, which is convenient for the consumer to examine the brush use problem and change the brush, and also helps make the motor more stunning the motor junction box is located at the prime, which is safer, much more reliable and more handy.
YR3 (IP54) winding slip ring motor has a protecting diploma of IP54, which has large security efficiency and can be utilized in dusty environments and in common areas CZPT flammable, explosive or corrosive gases. In environments with comparatively humid and a bit corrosive gases, it is also much better than a protecting construction.

Middle large assortment: 132-450
Electricity selection: four-800KW
Voltage: 380V/400V/415V/420V/440V/690V/1140V
Amount of poles: 4/six/eight/10/12
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Safety stage: IP54 (slip ring security class IP23)
Cooling strategy: IC411
Doing work method: S1
Insulation class: Course F
Wiring approach: stator △ relationship method, rotor is Y link technique
Set up technique: B3 (horizontal set up)
Ambient temperature: ≥ -15 ° C and ≤ 40 ° C
This collection of motors can be started straight at total voltage, but the rotor circuit must be connected to the beginning varistor or frequency sensitive resistor when commencing. When the regular operation is finished, the 3 direct wires of the rotor winding need to be shorted.

YR3 sequence slip ring motor has substantial safety amount, appropriate for dusty atmosphere, and basic location CZPT flammable, explosive or corrosive gasoline, used in humid and slightly corrosive fuel surroundings. YR3 series (IP54) winding slip ring motor has the advantages of high effectiveness, large overload capability, reduced noise, lower vibration, dependable structure and stunning appearance.

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Three Phase Motor Slip Ring Motors IP44 or IP54