Induction Three Phase Fan Motor


pump motor electric powered

electrical power:.12kw-355kw
pole:two 4 6 8 10

 Product: Y Series(IP54)asynchronous induction motor

Feature and use:
Y series 3 stage electrical motor is developed in conformity with the related requirements of IEC and DIN42673 standards. It truly is absolutely enclosed and enthusiast-cooling a few-stage squirrel cage induction motors, possessing exceptional overall performance, this sort of as substantial performance, energy-preserving, high starting torque, minimal sound, small vibration, dependable procedure and straightforward maintenance, and so forth.
Y collection motors are broadly utilised in numerous areas, exactly where there does not exist combustible, explosive or corrosive gasoline, and CZPT any unique specifications, such as device tools, pumps, fans, transport equipment, mixer, agriculture machinery and foods devices, etc.

Motor Overall performance

Body measurements: 63-315 2) Rated power: .12-200kw

Rated voltage: 220/380v,380/660v
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Safety class: IP44 ,IP54
Insulation class: B,F
Resources: Cast iron, aluminum (Frame 63-a hundred and sixty)
Poles: two, 4, 6, 8
Cooling approach: IC411 (whole-enclosed supporter-cooled variety)
Mounting sorts: IMB3 ,IMB5,IMB35,IMB34,IMB14
Functioning method: S1
Connection: “Y” sort for 3kW and downwards, “D”kind for 4kW and upwards
Ambient temperature: -15C < θ < 40C

The altitude must be lower than one, 000m
Relative humidity: Not higher than ninety%
Special motors can be made according to

Interior packing:
Frame 63-112: Foam boxes
Frame 132-315: Picket packing containers

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 Ordering Informations

one.You should point out the motor kind,rated output,rated voltage,rated frequency,synchronous pace,Explosion evidence Mark,mounting kind,rotation path(view from the shaft extension side)Use of the surroundings(indoor or outdoors)If the consumer havn’t level out the rotation and atmosphere,normailly we think is CW roration and used indoor.

two.when person have special requirments,For case in point:Dispose the stator,bearing explosion evidence and bearing temperature sensors,area heater,Plateau use,specical frequency,mounting dimension modify,special output,the user need to ,buy can be confirm soon after signing the technological arrangement with engneering department .

three.The catalogue is only fpr reference,and there may be variations.

four.This range of motor can also be created into Variable-Frequency motors,the assortment of frequency of which is -100HZ,the output and all round dimensions should be affirm independently.


Strong Package Ensure Motor safe enough for Ship or Truck Transportation.








Motor Overall performance  

    Ambient Temperature: -15°C~40°C

    Altitude: not exceed a thousand Meter

    Rated Voltage: 380V or any voltage among 220-760V

    Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

    Defense Course: IP44, IP54, IP55

    Insulation Course: B/F

    Cooling Strategy: IC0141

    Doing work Duty: S1(Constant)

    Humidity: Reduced than 90%

    Relationship: CZPT-relationship for up to 3kW Delta-link for 4kW and over

Structure Description  
Y2 series ac induction motor mounting details:

Schematic diagram        
mounting variety B3 B35 B5 V1
mounting Discribtion frame with ft,stop-protect CZPT flange body with ft,stop-defend with flange body CZPT ft,conclude-shield with flange frame CZPT feet,finish-shield with flange
Suitable frame H63-355 H63-355 H63-280 H180-355

Y2 sequence motors are entirely enclosed fan cold(TEFC). 5.bearing type-desk 2 table two

Horizontal vertical
motor body DE side N-DE side DE facet N-DE facet
sixty three 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2 6201-2RZ/Z2
seventy one 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2 6202-2RZ/Z2
eighty 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2 6204-2RZ/Z2
90 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2 6205-2RZ/Z2
a hundred 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2
112 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2 6206-2RZ/Z2
132 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2 6208-2RZ/Z2
a hundred and sixty 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2 6209-2RZ/Z2
180 6211/Z2 6211/Z2 6211/Z2 6211/Z2
two hundred 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2
225(2P) 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2 6312/Z2
225(four-8P) 6313/Z2 6212/Z2 6313/Z2 6312/Z2
250(2P) 6313/Z2/Z2 6313/Z1 6313/Z2 6313/Z1
250(four-8P) 6314/Z1 6213/Z1 6314/Z1 6313/Z1
280(2P) 6314/Z1 6313/Z1 6314/Z1 6313/Z1
280(4P) 6317/Z1 6313/Z1 6317/Z1 6313/Z1
315(2P) 6317/Z1 6317/Z1 6317/Z1 6317/Z1
315(4-8P) NU319 6319/Z1 NU319 6319/Z1
355(2P) 6319/Z1 6319/Z1 6319/Z1 6319/Z1
355(4-8P) NU322 6322/Z1 NU322/Z1 6322/Z1



Induction Three Phase Fan Motor