Rotary reducer opportunities and challenges coexist
时间:2017-05-04 11:43:34

As a basic accessory of the machinery industry, the rotary reducer adapts to the working performance required by various modern machinery, and is gradually used in a wider range of industries.Although the economic situation declined in 2016, the demand for rotary reducers as an important mechanical accessory has increased unabated. At the same time, domestic rotary reducers are occupying the domestic market with increasing advantages. Driven by market demand, the sales of the entire industry are also increasing. Gradually showing a good upward trend.

  With the development of the market, users have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, performance, life and variety of the rotary reducer. Compared with the industrial power, the industry still has a big gap. Its main performance The proportion of high-precision, high-tech and high-value-added bearing products is low.Some high-demand ones still need to be imported!

  Under the pressure of the economic environment, many companies have adopted a series of independent innovation and reforms to improve the technical level, reliability and stability of the rotary reducer to a certain extent. Moreover, in the future sales process, the main supporting market will be important It will still be controlled by these companies; as foreign trade slows down and domestic demand is actively driven, part of the demand will still be shifted to domestic companies, and the opportunity for import rotary deceleration has declined.

  This year can be said to be a year in which the development opportunities and challenges of the rotary reducer industry coexist.Looking at the domestic market, the uncertainty of economic operation increased last year, which brought new challenges and new opportunities to the rotary reducer industry.China will continue to increase investment in infrastructure. Bearing-related industries such as steel, automobiles, and home appliances are also facing new opportunities for development. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the development of the automotive industry has also driven the development of automotive bearings.In the future, the demand for bearings will show steady growth, and the bearing industry will usher in a period of continuous development.Many bearing sellers in Hardware City must grasp the current opportunities, relying on the strong radiation power of the Hardware City platform, to seize the domestic and foreign markets with more complete varieties, better quality, and more advantageous prices, and further improve the quality of the turn Market share of type reducer.