The development prospects of domestic reducer enterprises
时间:2017-05-04 11:46:36

From the perspective of enterprise development, in recent years, private enterprises in Shanghai have developed rapidly and have become a new force in the industry.Some private enterprises that have developed rapidly have continued to grow and develop after completing their original accumulation.They keep up with market changes, adjust product structure in time, and continuously improve product quality requirements.In order to enhance their competitiveness, they have increased their capital investment in the purchase of testing equipment, experimental equipment, and expansion of the plant. Processing capabilities and technical levels have improved rapidly. At the same time, they also attach importance to the training and introduction of talents. The company has begun to develop in the direction of standardization and standardization.

  In terms of capacity expansion and technological transformation of enterprises in the reducer industry, there has been a leap-forward development in recent years. This aspect has benefited from the strong market demand in recent years. Driven by the manufacturing level and the subjective desire to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the key processing equipment purchased by major domestic product manufacturers in the past two years, such as large gear grinding machines, boring and milling machines, mechanic centers and heat treatment equipment, has accumulated more than 200 sets ( The production capacity of the industry is expected to be more than doubled. Although the development of technological transformation work has the objective effect of reviewing the scale of the industry’s enterprises and the degree of production concentration and competitiveness, but there are still large numbers of industry enterprises, small specifications and uneven levels. The actual problem is that with the decline in market demand and the large-scale entry of foreign manufacturers into the domestic market, industry competition will intensify, which will also promote the merger, integration and even transformation of industry enterprises.In terms of product sales machine market competition, foreign manufacturers have been gaining momentum in China in recent years, and they have also stepped up the pace of establishing production bases and sales centers in China, actively penetrating into various industries, and foreign manufacturers have advanced Management and business philosophy, rich experience in market combat and expansion, and distinctive product series will have emphasized challenges and impacts on domestic manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers will feel increasingly fierce domestic and foreign peers. competition.In terms of the export and expansion of domestic transmission products, the main form is still exporting many medium and small power medium and small specification products in batches or exporting with the main engine. The president's share in this area is still relatively small, and efforts are made to improve the quality of products. It should be an important way for domestic enterprises to seek market opportunities for domestic enterprises to explore the international market actively.