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Three-phase asynchronous motor brand and selection, high-efficiency and energy-saving motors

The JD series of high-efficiency energy-saving motors produced by our company are highly energy-efficient products independently designed and developed in accordance with the national standard GB18613-2012.The energy efficiency rating of motors in the national standard is divided into three levels, and the energy efficiency rating should be marked on the nameplate. JD series AC motors all meet the national standard energy efficiency level 2 requirements. JD series motors adopt advanced...

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How to choose reducer, how to choose reducer model and configuration

 How to choose the right reducer, how to choose the brand of so many reducers on the market, then, first you determine the type of reducer you want, and then determine the input power and output torque, and then according to the input shaft speed and Calculate the speed ratio of the reducer with the required output shaft speed.According to actual usage conditions, such as: daily working hours, impact load...

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Reducer maintenance and maintenance, how to maintain the reducer, reduce

How to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of the reducer, what standard is the lubricating oil used in the reducer, and what is the lubrication method of the reducer. Here we will introduce these problems so that the majority of reducer users can know how to maintain it. Our reducer and equipment, give you a professional reference and advice.This reducer is generally selected in GB5903...

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How to choose planetary reducer, selection of planetary reducer,

   How to choose the model and brand of planetary reducer?How to choose the planetary reducer?In the reducer family, planetary reducers are widely used in servo, stepping, DC and other transmission systems due to their small size, high transmission efficiency, wide reduction range, high precision and many other advantages.Its function is to be mainly used under the premise of ensuring precision transmission...

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Design program of reducer

 1. The original materials and data of the design 2. The type, specification, speed, power (or torque), starting characteristics, short-time overload capacity, moment of inertia, etc. of the prime mover. XNUMX. The type, specification, purpose, speed, power (or torque) of the working machine.Working system: constant load or variable load, variable load load diagram; start, brake and short-time overload torque, start...

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