Common faults and introduction of gear reducer
时间:2020-04-17 16:31:51

     The working principle of the gear reducer is to use a combined gear transmission to reach the speed reduction! "Concentration is the essence" Although it has a small appearance and small size, it contains super talents and has the characteristics of high transmission torque.Moreover, the close connection between the large and small gears can satisfy different mechanical usage conditions.The transmission power of the gear reducer is relatively high, the energy consumption is very low, it will save a lot of space, and the mechanical function is very good.Compared with other types of reducers, gear reducers have low noise, high load-bearing capacity, long service life, and can run forward and reverse, which is very useful.

      The gear reducer has the characteristics of "three highs, one free", that is, high rigidity, high precision, high transmission power, and lifetime maintenance-free characteristics.The second is the cylindrical gear reducer, its purpose is not only to reduce the speed, but also has the function of adding torque.In the end, it is a vertical gear reducer. Wang Wenshengyi chooses vertical equipment. Although its structure is compact, there may be oil leakage, so use it with caution.

       ByCommon faults can be divided into several other types: first, the reduction gear equipment presents an increase in the oscillation frequency between the large gear and the small gear during operation, and the problem of excessive oscillation noise.Second, the gear reducer equipment will be affected by the smooth oil. When the reducer equipment is working at high speed for a long time, it will show the adhesion problem of some mechanical parts. If the lubricating oil does not work, it will cause some problems. These parts cannot work and cannot satisfy the higher functions of the machine.The reason may be that the oil seal is damaged, or the amount of oil is added too much and the shell is broken.

         Of course, when this situation is present, you must add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil according to the instructions, or replace the gear reducer to facilitate the work of the machine.Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. is committed to making reducers that are satisfied and assured by customers.Looking forward to inquiries from new and old customers