Where is the trend of chain management becoming the only way for the development of the bearing industry?
时间:2017-05-04 11:44:14

Currently, industries with severe overcapacity include steel, coal, cement, non-ferrous metals, etc., but in fact, there are not a few industrial product industries in my country that are not surplus, and the bearing industry is no exception.Nowadays, under the supply-side reform, chain operation has become the only way for the development of the bearing industry.

  At present, there are about XNUMX bearing manufacturers and XNUMX bearing distributors in China.However, most bearing distribution companies still have not got rid of the business model of layered agency. They are still traditional mom-and-pop shops, with storefronts and warehouses, and kitchens and groceries. They are not systematic, standardized, and extensively operated.This mode of operation will definitely be gradually eliminated in this supply-side reform, and replaced by a standardized, low-cost, and highly efficient advanced business model.

  The chain operation is currently the most mature and successful business model.Chain operation has economies of scale, which can reduce the purchase cost of enterprises; second, diversified product operations can provide consumers with more solutions; third, chain operations have the ability to equip service teams and expert teams to serve enterprises throughout the process Fourth, through data mining and decision-making on market production, resources can be optimally allocated; fifth, chain stores have strong headquarters, which can protect the interests of consumers while guaranteeing products.

  In the context of supply-side reforms, chain operations are in line with market development and national development plans, and are bound to become the only way for the development of the bearing industry.It can provide consumers with diversified and guaranteed products and comprehensive services, gradually ban individual stores that are scattered and small in scale, rebuild industry rules, and provide production companies with a guaranteed space for innovation and research and development, and build for distribution companies. A green development environment.