Planetary reducer series
HP series planetary reducer
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HP series planetary reducer

 XNUMX. Type of HP series planetary reducer

  HP2N-two-stage planetary gear transmission:

  HP2L-right-angle shaft, two-stage planetary gear transmission:

  HP2S-parallel shaft, two-stage planetary gear transmission:

  HP2K-right-angle shaft, parallel shaft, two-stage planetary gear transmission

  HP3N-three-stage planetary gear transmission;

  HP3S-parallel shaft, three-stage planetary gear transmission;

  HP3K-right angle shaft, parallel shaft, three-stage planetary gear transmission

Model representation method

  HP series planetary reducer type and marking

Requirements and instructions

  ★In order to choose the appropriate HP series planetary reducer, please press the

  Detailed instructions are carried out.

  ★The planetary reducer can be installed directly.But no lubricating oil is provided.

  ★The fuel filling quantity given is only as a reference value, the actual fuel filling quantity should be based on

  The mark of the oil standard shall prevail.

  ★If the reducer is not specified, it is generally immersed in oil lubrication, if necessary

  Please contact us for forced lubrication.

  ★For all specifications of B521 and B351 installation forms and B511

  Mounting type of reducer above No. 21, for lubrication

  The input part bearings need to be lubricated by the oil pump.


  V130/330 installation form of reducer, in order to ensure lubrication,

  The oil level must be increased accordingly, and a compensation oil tank must be installed.Compensation tank

  Can be installed on the reducer can also be installed on the user host when determining this item

  Please contact us.

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