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Hangzhou Hengli Transmission Co., Ltd. is specialized inHelical gear reducer series, HB series industrial gearbox, gear reducer series, planetary reducer series, tower crane special reducer series, cycloid pinwheel reducer series, electric drum series,Processing and manufacturing large-scale high-tech enterprises. 

Products are widely used in: cement equipment, coal equipment, iron and steel metallurgy, mining machinery, ships, paper machinery, rubber and plastics, petrochemicals, lifting and transportation, beer and beverages, food packaging, pharmaceutical tanning, textile printing and dyeing, environmental protection equipment, etc. Power transmission for heavy industry.As a backbone enterprise of large-scale transmission equipment in China, the company has introduced all the latest German manufacturing technology, equipment and inspection methods to effectively ensure the quality of products and the efficiency of transmission.At present, the company has two professional production bases in Shanghai and Zhejiang, and a Shanghai R&D center. Its products reach more than 50 models and are sold to more than XNUMX countries and regions around the world.

The company adheres to the implementation of the brand development strategy, through continuous and high-start technological transformation, introduces world-class high-precision equipment talents, establishes a complete quality management system and marketing service network, and wholeheartedly provides users with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

Entering a new period of development, the company will implement the scientific development concept, uphold the corporate spirit of "honesty, innovation, unity and progress", seize opportunities, accelerate development, and strive to become a world-class transmission equipment company.The company will, as always, cooperate with domestic and foreign partners to achieve win-win development and create brilliance together.