The development trend of miniature planetary gear transmission
时间:2017-05-04 11:27:16

1. Realize Mechatronics

  In a micro machine, not only a micro transmission device that can transmit power-a micro planetary gear reducer, but also a micro planetary gear reducer with its own power drive device is required.In other words, a micro machine needs a compact gear transmission device composed of a micro motor and a micro planetary gear reduction unit, so that it has both driving and deceleration transmission functions.Therefore, the mechatronic gear transmission with the above-mentioned functions is characterized in that the input shaft and the output shaft of the miniature planetary reducer have coaxiality, and the motor shaft should be tightly connected with its load.In terms of structure, the shaft of the motor can be connected to the input of the planetary gear reducer, that is, the shaft of the motor and the gear shaft of the sun gear a are located on the same main axis and connected to each other.The output shaft of the planetary gear reducer (connected as a whole with the internal gear e) is the output shaft of the combination, which is constituted as a built-in gear transmission in which the electric motor and the planetary gear reducer are combined into one body.It can also be said that the motor and the planetary gear reducer are combined into a low-speed motor, and its output shaft can be directly connected to the working machine.The key issue now is: in order to make this kind of miniature planetary gear reducer with electric motor to be practical, it is necessary to have a miniature motor with excellent performance and practicality that is similar to the size of the miniature star reducer. .

  2. Lubrication of gears

  The problem of gear lubrication in gear transmission is an extremely important problem in the development of miniature planetary gear transmission.Many scholars engaged in tribological research are working to better solve this problem.The lubrication of the micro planetary gear transmission is even more important.According to related documents, in general power transmission gear reducers, the smaller the diameter of the main shaft of the gear reducer, the greater the proportion of friction torque in the total power loss.However, in a micro machine, it is not easy to accurately measure a very small friction torque.However, the proportion of the friction torque of the miniature planetary gear reducer in its total power loss can be calculated and will increase.At present, people are paying special attention to the research work in the field of micro-tribology, and it is expected that it can effectively solve the lubrication problem of the micro planetary gear reducer in the near future, and it plays a huge role in making the micro planetary gear reducer practical. Promoting role.

  At present, people are further carrying out new research work in order to make the miniature planetary gear reducer further practical and miniaturized.Moreover, it can be expected that the miniature planetary gear reducer will definitely develop and be successfully widely used in mechanical engineering in the future.